Sarah: Dice Fiends is a new, live play Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition podcast. Tasked by their adopted mother to destroy an evil dagger, four siblings venture forth into a strange and exciting world. There’s Mol, the veteran soldier.

Amanda: Mol’s gonna glance at Gwennis and kind of try to give her a gesture of let me.

Amanda (as Molpadia): It’s hard to protect people when you can’t fully do your job

Sarah: Gwenniss, the ever curious cleric of Moradin.

Kiara (as Gwennis): It’s probably magic, I got that much, I just — I can’t get any other deeper clues.

Eric (as Blep): Well, I am glad we are agreeing that cold on a summer’s night is magic.

Kiara (as Gwennis): Look here, sometimes it’s good to check the obvious.

Eric (as Blep): It is, that’s why I already did it.

Sarah: The charming bard Kallista.

Sarah (as Kallista): Huh, ok, I mean that’s cool I guess. Can we keep going?

Kiara (as Gwennis): Kallista! Manners!

Sarah: And the cunning investigator, Semloh.

Angel (as Semloh): Gwennis, tell the truth.

Kiara (as Gwennis): Lying to you has always been the hardest thing to do.

Angel (as Semloh): So don’t do it!

Sarah: This simple task will grow beyond what anyone expected as they are presented with danger and misadventure at every turn. This is the beginning of theirs and so many more stories in Hezra’s Hellraisers, a Dice Fiends 5th edition adventure.