Episode 2: Real Sweet Iced Tea

In which our heroes release a griffin into the wild and drink iced tea.

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Cast and Crew:

– Dungeon Master: Eric Szypulski

– Molpadia: Amanda Joyce

– Semloh: Angel Powell

– Gwennis: Kiara Mueller

– Avi: Chris (guest)

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The Dice Fiends podcast is a live play Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition podcast featuring a wonderful cast of chuckle-friends. This group of Fiends are composed of an unlikely combination of people brought together by Dungeons and Dragons. We are a collaboration of D&D experts and D&D newbs, but most of all, we’re fiends for the sound of rolling dice.


Eric: Welcome to the second episode of Hezra’s Hellraisers, a 5th Edition Dice Fiends adventure. When we last left our adventurers, they had just left Fliplock’s house and Avi was ready to release the griffin they brought with them. Will the griffin fly free, or will no good deed go unpunished? Let’s find out…

Chris (as Avi): 25.

Eric: Ok, you’re handling the fuck out of the griffin, as you untie it.

Angel:This scene could go however you want to with that roll.

Chris: and I rolled a 19 for nature check about, like, basically, do I think that the griffin is going to attack us when I set it free?

Eric: It doesn’t look like it’s going to attack you.

Chris: How about the horse?

Eric: It looks like it’s just ready to get out of there.

Chris: Ok, so 25 on animal handling.

Eric: Yep. Ok, so you unbuckle it, unchain it, whatever. Ok as you do it, the griffin stands up, Kallista rolls off of one of its wings, it just launches itself up from the cart leaving the wooden cart shaking as it flies off into the distance like “ca-raw!” (makes griffin noises).

Angel: The griffin noises are just 100.

Kiara: The best.

Eric: Impeccable.

Angel: 10/10 would recommend.

Eric: And the gnome, like, hops off of his chair and starts walking down towards you,

Eric (as Fliplock): Why that’s unusual! I do say so myself!

Kiara (as Gwennis): Yeah, well, we’re a party known for unusual at this point.

Eric (as Fliplock): Well, I don’t believe we’ve met each other before, have we?

Kiara (as Gwennis): Nope!

Eric (as Fliplock): Fliplock Shabadook!

Kiara (as Gwennis): Oh, you’re the one we’re looking for!

Eric (as Fliplock): Oh, you’re looking for me? How can I help you?

Kiara (as Gwennis): I am Gwennis, and these are my siblings…

Eric (as Fliplock): Nice to meet you, Gwennis!

Kiara (as Gwennis): And we were sent here by Sigurd —

Eric (as Fliplock): The God?

Kiara (as Gwennis): — the priest, to get rid of a funky little dagger.

Eric (as Fliplock): Are you selling it to me?

Kiara (as Gwennis): No, we definitely wanted it not working anymore.

Eric (as Fliplock): Oh, ok.

Angel: Love it. “Not working anymore.”

Eric (as Fliplock): You seem like fine folks, if — I think. At least you and the gnome.

Kiara (as Gwennis): Thanks…

Eric (as Fliplock): That’s a little bit of gnome humor. Calling other people “the gnome”.

Kiara (as Gwennis): Fair. Could we sit down and talk about this somewhere?

Eric (as Fliplock): Oh yeah, come inside, come inside! Y’all I’m just gonna have my friends make us some breakfast.

Kiara (as Gwennis): Sounds wonderful… is there also some beer?

Eric (as Fliplock): Oh, “is there also some beer?”

Angel: Semloh casts like, major side eye.

Kiara: Gwennis gleefully doesn’t look at her sibling. She’s like “nope!”

Eric (as Fliplock): Before breakfast we call it “hard iced tea.”

Kiara: I like these guys.

Eric: He leads you into his house, assuming everyone goes with him?

Angel: Semloh follows.

Kiara: Yes. I at least make sure that my pony is set up.

Angel: Oh yeah, pony’s taken care of.

Chris: Avi’s going in.

Eric: Avi and Mol?

Amanda: Yes.

Chris: Yep, Avi will go in.

Amanda: Mol’s going in.

Eric: It looks like a southern colonial home in terms of style. There’s a dining room with big open windows, a foyer goes back, there’s — you’ve passed by a living room, there’s just a large metal door with “Do Not Enter”, you know, all the usual stuff.

Kiara: Interesting.

Angel: I want to roll investigation on the “Do Not Enter” door without like, actually  —

Eric: Make me an Investigation check.

Angel: You know, not really leaving the party or Fliplock too much. Whatever I can kind of figure out as we pass by.

Eric: Yeah.

Angel: I got a 8. Not…

Eric: It is a large metal door. The handle is one of those — what do you call them? The handle is one of those big wheels that you have to turn?

Chris: Crank?

Eric: Crank. Crank? Yeah, crank.

Angel: I mean I wouldn’t have known what you were describing if you had called it a crank, so… cool, that’s a thing that I’m curious about and didn’t figure anything out. You know, it’s just we were just walking too fast by it and … it’s a door. It caught my attention.

Eric: It’s a door. As “Do Not Enter” is wont to do to doors…

Kiara: I mean, Gwennis immediately wants to enter after being told not to, but I think she’s also kind of done with being a little bit dumb right now.

Amanda: And all Mol can think is “thank god Kallista is asleep in the cart, cause she would have entered.”

Kiara: Gwennis would have been right behind her if she did.

Eric: So yeah, you pass by the door, and then he leads you to the dining room, he’s like,

Eric (as Fliplock): Well, I think my friend is — Angie! Angie! Get out here, we have guests! Well, I’m gonna go fix some breakfast. Angie will be out here to entertain in just a second.

Eric: He leaves you alone in the dining room for a moment as he goes further into the house into the kitchen.

Kiara: Gwennis is just like “ehhhh… I’m gonna doodle on the table, not look at anyone…”

Amanda: Just, logistics speaking, where did we put the dagger?

Chris: Avi has it.

Amanda: Ok.

Kiara: Avi has is because he was the least likely to dick with it. Everybody was gonna try to give it to Gwennis cause she’s like the least violent, but like… don’t give her a magical item.

Eric: He’s the responsible one.

Kiara: Don’t give her a magical item because she will dick with it. Even when it’s not given to her she might dick with it.

Eric: Yep, as has been shown.

Amanda: Yep.

Kiara: Plus like, magical items just like… she can’t not!

Eric: As you’re doing that you hear like a (hissing noise) and then a (hissing noise). A woman in black garb, like extremely pale and very pristine-looking skin comes from the entryway, she like,

Eric (as Aegis): Oh, I’m sorry, I wasn’t expecting guests today. Oh, I guess Fliplock wasn’t expecting guests today.. I guess I’m a guest, but he wasn’t expecting additional guests. Hello.

Angel: So, is this person human?

Kiara: Gnome?

Eric: She appears to be human.

Angel: A very pale-skinned human.

Eric: Yes.

Angel: Ok.

Angel (as Semloh): Yep, we came to see Fliplock.

Eric (as Aegis): I’m sorry, I’m not good around people, people I don’t know, people… you know, like y’all… I don’t know.

Angel (as Semloh): That’s ok, that’s not a problem.

Amanda (as Molpadia): Like us?

Eric (as Aegis): Yeah, like you! That I don’t know!

Kiara (as Gwennis): Strangers?

Angel (as Semloh): People that she doesn’t know.

Amanda (as Molpadia): Let’s just get this over with…

Eric (as Aegis): Yes. Strangers. Um… maybe I’m supposed to entertain… Fliplock! Why did you call me?

Chris (as Avi): I think he went to go and prepare some food for everyone, but.. I’m Avi.

Eric (as Aegis): Ah, shit. Nice to meet you Avi, I’m Aegis.

Chris (as Avi): Nice to meet you, Aegis.

Angel (as Semloh): I’m Semloh.

Eric (as Semloh): Nice to meet you, Semloh, you look very handsome today.

Angel (as Semloh): Thank you!

Eric (as Aegis): Yes.

Kiara (as Gwennis): I’m Gwennis.

Angel (as Semloh): That’s my twin.

Eric (as Aegis): Ah, I can see the family resemblance?

Kiara (as Gwennis): I– yes.

Eric (as Aegis): Ok, thank you. Sorry, Common isn’t my first language.

Kiara (as Gwennis): What is–

Angel (as Semloh): What is your first language?

Eric (as Aegis): That’s a secret.

Angel (as Semloh): Ok…

Eric (as Aegis): I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have said anything.

Kiara (as Gwennis): I mean, would…

Eric (as Aegis): You don’t say “secrets” unless you’re gonna tell someone, you don’t just go like “oh I know something that you can’t know” that would just be incredibly rude.

Angel (as Semloh): You know something we can’t know?

Eric (as Aegis): No! Of course not.

Kiara (as Gwennis): I mean, I know of —

Angel: Insight!

Eric: Ok.

Kiara (as Gwennis): I know a fair bit of languages if we can talk in something that’s more comfortable I’m certainly willing to try something else. I mean, obviously I can speak Dwarvish.

Eric: She’s definitely getting flustered the more she talks, and it’s nothing you’re doing it’s just like —

Kiara: Aw, sweet bebe.

Eric: It’s like she’s told to not tell people something but like she just naturally tends towards telling people that exact thing. And then she’s like “I’m just gonna grab a shovel and dig myself out of this hole! Oh my god it’s getting deeper, why am I doing this?”

Kiara: Oh my god there’s another hole! Oh my god I think I just dropped another 10 feet.

Eric: Oh god!

Angel (as Semloh): You’re Fliplock’s guest?

Eric (as Aegis): Yes! Guest!

Angel (as Semloh): How long have you been here?

Eric (as Aegis): Let’s see… uh, a month I suppose. Yes, ma’am.

Angel (as Semloh): And did you know Fliplock before you came to visit?

Eric (as Aegis): No, my family sent me here.

Angel (as Semloh): Oh, why did they send you?

Eric (as Aegis): Uh… so, is that what they call a “mohawk”, your hair?

Angel (as Semloh): I mean, it’s kind of a mohawk.

Eric (as Aegis): It’s very nice, I mean, what maintenance do you need for that? Like, gel? Electricity?

Angel (as Semloh): Well, I mean it’s mostly braided so, it kind of stays together on it’s own. I just have to keep the sides trimmed.

Eric (as Aegis): That is beau– that is a very nice… It looks like it would be easy to wash.

Angel (as Semloh): Not so much, but…

Eric (as Aegis): Oh, I’m sorry.

Angel (as Semloh): I’m wondering… Uh where did you come from?

Eric (as Aegis): The mountains.

Angel (as Semloh): Which mountains?

Eric (as Aegis): That’s another —

Angel (as Semloh): I mean, I just want to get to know who you are, you know? Let’s be friends.

Amanda: Where’s Kallista when we need her?

Eric: She’s looking really nervous like she wants to tell you something but it’s like Gwennis, like she wants to do something but every logical part of her is like “no, that would be stupid”.

Angel (as Semloh): I mean, surely where you come from can’t be that big of a secret.

Amanda (as Molpadia): Do you want to be here?

Eric (as Aegis):Yes! Yes, I do, I want to be here. This is… really big. Ah, shit.

Angel (as Semloh): I mean just telling us where you came from is not — how is that gonna make —

Eric (as Aegis): It could.

Angel: I want to roll Persuasion on that.

Eric: Ok, go for it.

Angel: 11.

Eric: Let’s see what…

Eric (as Aegis): So, you know about the invasion like 300 year ago, right? The Tekphagia killed everything? And everything was terrible and —

Angel (as Semloh): Wait, wait, wait.

Kiara: Gwennis knows, for sure!

Angel (as Semloh): You said — you said “we killed everything”?

Eric (as Aegis): No, they killed everything. No, no, no, no, no, no. No. I’m not one of them. Not — no. No. That’s related, though.

Angel (as Semloh): Ok, keep going.

Eric (as Aegis): Do any of you know what a warforged is?

Kiara: What check do I need to roll for that?

Eric: A History.

Angel: Knowledge.

Amanda: Mol, I believe, does know.

Kiara: That was a 21 for History check.

Eric: I would ask Mol to make a History check too, just because.

Amanda: Mol just rolled a natural 1. Mother — bitch!

Eric: I’m sorry, Mol.

Amanda: Mol’s just not even paying attention.

Angel: I got a 9.

Eric: Ok, so yes. Gwennis you know that back during the Age of Artifice, when all the races were big on having their wars over who would control the powerful artifacts, several nations created automaton soldiers known as Warforged. And they were hunted by their creators in and during the Tekphagian invasion because in a time where things made of metal are trying to kill everybody, people don’t really trust the things made of metal even when they say they’re not trying to kill everybody. As far as everyone else knows, the Warforged were hunted into extinction in the aftermath of the invasion.

Kiara: Oh. Well then. Alright, Gwennis is like,

Kiara (as Gwennis): Yeah, I’m real familiar with Warforged. They’re a fascinating aspect of history.

Eric (as Aegis): I need you to promise not — I come from the mountains because that’s where we are.

Kiara (as Gwennis): Ohh…

Amanda (as Molpadia): Shit.

Eric (as Aegis): The Dragonborn hid us.

Angel (as Semloh): Wait, what?

Kiara (as Gwennis): The Dragonborn being… Emberscales?

Eric (as Aegis): Emberscales? Yeah, I mean, that’s one of the houses but in the Dragonborn territory they hid the remaining Warforged.

Angel (as Semloh): Waist, are you saying you’re a Warforged?

Eric (as Aegis): Yes. Yes, please don’t tell anybody.

Angel (as Semloh): How? You look like a human!

Eric (as Aegis): That’s why I came into Fliplock’s. He built this body for me.

Angel (as Semloh): What?

Kiara (as Gwennis): Di– hold– Did he manage–

Angel (as Semloh): So your body is flesh?

Eric (as Aegis): I mean, it feels like flesh. Bu, no, it’s been — he constructed it to hold me. Or, my brain.

Kiara (as Gwennis): He– he literally transferred you into another body that outwardly simulates flesh?

Eric (as Aegis): Our consciousness is — Warforged consciousness is held in our brains. Little black boxes. So, I was brought here so Fliplock — Fliplock was making this body so maybe one day we can leave the mountains.

Amanda (as Molpadia): And do what?

Eric (as Aegis): Live. Live among the people.

Kiara (as Gwennis): That. Is. BRILLIANT!

Eric (as Aegis): I mean, I’m the first Warforged that’s been born? In the last 200 years. So…

Angel (as Semloh): You should really come up with a backstory.

Eric (as Aegis): Well, I don’t know why he called me out here!

Kiara (as Gwennis): I mean, I think he might need your help with the task he’s going to do.

Eric (as Aegis): Oh yeah! Dishes!

Kiara (as Gwennis): Sure, dishes.

Angel: Did she just walk off when she said that?

Eric: Yeah, she just like stomps off towards…

Amanda (as Molpadia): Ok, this is not good. All of those were supposed to be destroyed. They’re gone.

Kiara (as Gwennis): Oh my god. Are you kidding? That’s amazing!

Angel (as Semloh): Why do they need to be destroyed?

Amanda (as Molpadia): Because just one of them can wipe out a population! You heard her, they’re almost virtually indestructible!

Angel (as Semloh): She’s scared to death of us. I think she’s great, and she won’t — I mean, she’ll probably be friends with us.

Eric: Just like Gwennis and Mol. Best friends!

Amanda: No, Mol’s just talking — she doesn’t know what she’s talking about at all, that’s kind of the point. I was just trying to… eh.

Eric: Ok I just didn’t know if that was Eberron lore, that they can just destroy entire cities at a time cause I’ve never done Eberron.

Amanda: In Mol’s mind, ok in Mol’s mind this is a creature that literally is technology and magic combined. She doesn’t like either of these two things, basically.

Kiara: Gwennis is in love with these two things.

Amanda: Case in point.

Kiara: Hey!

Amanda: Also, Mol’s seen the destructive power of both of these things, so.

Angel: How?

Eric: Technology and magic, I suppose.

Amanda: Yeah, so she’s fought multiple battles?

Eric: Yep, Mol’s seen her fair share of Fireballs in her time I’m sure.

Angel: I thought you were trying to say that Mol had fought against Warforged.

Amanda: No, well, not as that title, no, not that she would know of.

Eric: But, so Fliplock comes back with a plate of bacon and a plate of pancakes with Aegis carrying two pitchers of iced tea.

Eric (as Aegis): Ok, here’s the iced tea, and here’s the…

Eric: She looks at Fliplock.

Eric (as Aegis): Real sweet iced tea.

Eric (as Fliplock): So!

Amanda (as Molpadia): So, we have a dagger. It’s not good.

Eric (as Fliplock): Oh!

Amanda (as Molpadia): It’s not good at all. And, uh, Avi? Would you mind letting him look?

Chris: He takes out the dagger.

Eric (as Fliplock): Do you mind passing it here?

Chris (as Avi): Yeah, we were asked by the church of Sigurd to bring this to you so that it could be destroyed.

Amanda (as Molpadia): Just so you know, I wouldn’t necessarily touch it.

Eric (as Fliplock): Oh!

Amanda (as Molpadia): It doesn’t exactly have a good effect.

Eric (as Fliplock): Oh, it’s one of those evil daggers.

Amanda (as Molpadia) and Kiara (as Gwennis): Yeah…

Chris: Avi hands him the wrapped dagger.

Eric (as Fliplock): Ok, I say! There…

Eric: He unwraps the dagger, not to touch it, but just enough.

Eric (as Fliplock): I say! After breakfast, let’s — how about we go to my lab and see this thing destroyed?

Chris (as Avi): That would be great.

Angel (as Semloh): Ok.

Eric (as Fliplock): Ok! So, Aegis, you can go back to your room, Aegis. Thank you for your help.

Eric (as Aegis): Oh, ok. Thank you, Fliplock. Uh… bye, strangers!

Angel (as Semloh): Bye, friend!

Eric (as Aegis): Yeah, friend… bye!

Eric: She just like, pushes herself —

Kiara (as Gwennis): Bye, Aegis!

Eric (as Aegis): Bye, Gwennis!

Eric: Wait she never knew your name… did she? Did she?

Kiara: I did introduce myself.

Eric (as Aegis): Ok, bye.

Eric: And she just hurries back.

Eric (as Fliplock): She’s a sweet girl. Ok, let’s go.

Eric: Fliplock leads you out of the house, if you choose to follow him, and to the field where the hatch is. He pulls it up and beckons you to go down first, down the dark ladder.

Angel: Um, so Semloh is going to stay in the house.

Eric: Ok.

Amanda: Mol follows.

Eric: Ok.

Kiara: Gwennis also follows.

Eric: Wait, Semloh or Fliplock?

Kiara: I follow Fliplock. She’s still — she’s all like “following Semloh? Avoidance. Following Fliplock? Mol’s coming along? Uh… but I guess I need to know what happens to the dagger.”

Eric: Yep.

Chris: Avi would like to go.

Eric: So, Avi, Mol, and Gwennis. Y’all go down the proverbial rabbit hole. Semloh, we’ll start with you. What do you do?

Semloh: I want to look at the “Do Not Enter” door and see if it’s locked.

Eric: Um, make me an Investigation.

Angel: 15.

Eric: 15. The door does appear to be locked.

Angel: Ok. I’d like to use my Thieve’s Tools to unlock the door.

Eric: While you’re working on that, we’ll go back to the other three. You’re in the lab, you see all manner of devices both technological and magical. You see what looks like a big archway, two — you see two devices pointing at each other with a pedestal in the middle. You see — it looks like a suit of armor slightly taller than a man, but it’s opened up so you see the area inside of it could fit someone no larger than a gnome. He takes you to the pedestal and he puts the magic dagger on there. And he grabs some goggles for each of you.

Eric (as Fliplock): Now, you don’t want to look straight — you don’t want to look straight into the beam, it’ll blind you something fierce.  I learned that from my last assistant.

Eric: And he, like, just presses a button and a blast shield comes up in front of you, also.

Eric (as Fliplock): And it’s a dagger so you’ll want this blast shield, too. Ready for the fireworks?

Eric: He presses a button, both of the apparatus — both of the apparati light up, energy going into the coils, both of them emitting at a single point: the dagger. It heats up, you hear a high pitched noise and then a dog barking, I don’t know what’s going on.

Kiara: This is the strangest machine.

Eric: Yes, it is. Very much so. So you hear that happen and there’s an explosion and when the blast shield lowers there’s just a small black gem where the dagger once was. Fliplock picks it up and is like,

Eric (as Fliplock): Hm, yep this is the gem that was powering the enchantment.

Amanda (as Molpadia): So, is the enchantment broken?

Eric (as Fliplock): Well, without the sigils on the dagger, I’d say so. Now if you wanted this, you could probably use it to fuel another enchantment, but between the shoddy work of that dagger and the lasers that just went, the gem will probably break so you can’t use it to enchant multiple items.

Amanda: Mol holds out her hand for the… the gem.

Eric: He tosses it to you.

Amanda: I catch it.

Eric (as Fliplock): Ok, well, thank you for this.

Eric: And he proceeds to escort you out of the thing. And we go back to Semloh. You open up the — oh wait did you make a roll to unlock that?

Angel: I have proficiency in Thieve’s Tools but I don’t know how to roll for that.

Eric: Dexterity plus Proficiency.

Angel: That’s a nat 1.

Eric: Your Thieve’s Tools break off.

Kiara: Welp. That’s gonna have to get fixed.

Eric: Yep.

Kiara: Good thing you’re —

Angel: I wanna, I wanna try to pick it with something else.

Eric: Ok, roll a Dexterity check.

Angel: 18.

Eric: 8 — Jesus. Like, you fail to pick it with your Thieve’s Tools and you’re like “I have a screwdriver.” You open it up to what looks like another kind of lab, and you see Aegis sitting in a chair, but her head is like, disconnected from itself, like open down the middle. You see like, some small orbs like, in the corner of the room in a black box just like, exposed to the open air.

Eric (as Aegis): What? No, no, knock! Knock!

Eric: You hear a disembodied voice shout at you. As the pedestal of the orb lights up blue.

Angel (as Semloh): I’m so sorry.

Eric (as Aegis): Why did you — why did you come in here?

Angel (as Semloh): I was curious because the door said “Do Not Enter” on it.

Eric (as Aegis): Well — what?

Angel (as Semloh): Curiosity is a very powerful thing. I’m very sorry.

Eric (as Aegis): Don’t you people also say it killed cats? Don’t kill cats!

Angel (as Semloh): But I’m not a cat!

Eric (as Aegis): Can you please just close the door?

Angel (as Semloh): Yes I can, I’m sorry, I’ll close the door now.

Eric: When you close it, are you on the inside or the outside?

Angel: No, I’m gonna leave and close the door.

Eric: Oh, ok, that… there’s just a tired sigh as you close the door.

Angel: Yeah, Semloh and Gwennis are twins, very much alike, we just exercise our curiosity in different ways.

Kiara: Yeah.

Eric: Ok, as you’re climbing up the ladder back out of the field, a young boy, no older than twelve, with black hair about down to his shoulders — he comes up to the three of you and Fliplock with a box on his back;

Eric (as the boy): Mr. Fliplock, I brought you some reagents, I’m sorry I’m a bit later than usual! But there was a murder on the trail and my boss wanted to make sure it was safe before he let me out.

Amanda (as Molpadia): A murder?

Eric (as the boy): Yeah! Two people were found — it looks like — my boss says they were killed by a wolf.

Angel: Wait, why would they be considered — I’m not there. I’m not there! Damnit.

Kiara (as Gwennis): Um, uh, can wolves murder?

Eric (as the boy): I mean, something killed someone else — that’s a murder, isn’t it?

Eric: He hands over the box on his back and he looks — and Fliplock looks at it.

Eric (as Fliplock): Oh, thank you. Thank you for the reagents, I sure do appreciate it — my knees aren’t as good as they used to be.

Chris: Sorry, Eric, I’m still not understanding what the package was.

Eric: He brought a package — he brought a wooden box on his back. It’s a package for Fliplock. Apparently some kind of reagents.

Kiara: Re-AGENTS.

Eric: Reagents.

Amanda: The stuff that is used in spells and things like that.

Kiara: Yeah. Things that cause reactions.

Angel: I had only ever read that word.

Eric: I always thought it was re-gents.

Kiara: No, it’s re-agents.

Eric: Reagents, ok. He brought a package of reagents and Fliplock takes it and puts it on his back and gives him a pouch of silver.

Eric (as Fliplock): This is for your troubles and for Mr. Glorious’s supply.

Eric: He looks to the three of you.

Eric (as Fliplock): Now I know it’s not my business but can you just make sure everything is ok in town? Wolf attacks aren’t very common around these parts if you know what I mean.

Amanda (as Molpadia): Sure, we can go look in. We were gonna stop by the town anyway.

Eric: Well, that’s good. Well… wasn’t there four of you?

Kiara (as Gwennis): Um, I think —

Angel (as Semloh): Semloh saunters out.

Kiara (as Gwennis): There’s my sibling! They probably just grabbed a couple more bites to eat.

Eric (as Fliplock): Ok. Well, it was sure nice meeting y’all. Hey Mishri, can you take these nice people back to town? Maybe they can help Mr. Glorious and the Mayor sort this whole thing out? Mishri nods.

Eric (as Mishri): Yes sir. Just tell me when you’re ready and I’ll lead you to the Mayor’s house.

Kiara (as Gwennis): Ok.

Angel: Gee, sure, that doesn’t sound like an NPC statement.

Eric (as Mishri): What’s an NPC?

Angel: That was out of character!

Eric: What’s all this about wolf attacks and town? Well, find out next time on Hezra’s Hellraisers, a Dice Fiends 5th Edition adventure. The Dice Fiends are Sarah Wheatley, Amanda Joyce, Kiara Mueller, and Angel Powell. And i just want to give a huge thank you to Chris for playing Avi. It was fun to have him as part of the party. And DM’ing and producing is done by Eric Szypulski, our logo designed by @kurryschatter, and the music is done by Kevin Macleod at incompetech.com. Track listings are in the show notes. You can find more information about the show, including transcripts for each episode, on our website. You can find us every other Wednesday on iTunes or wherever you get good podcasts, and if you liked what you heard and want to support us, please leave a review and rating on iTunes. It helps even more people find us! And until next time, remember: It is ok to be afraid of the Big Bad Wolf.

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