The Festival of Excess: Part 1

In which our heroes meet, and set out to avenge a man child and a burnt bundt cake.

Episode description

Oh no! The Festival of Excess — a time-honored tradition in Hinnsylvania — has been sabotaged! Will our 4 hapless heroes be able to catch the culprit and save the day?

Thank you for listening!

Thanks to @KurrysChatter for the logo design. The tracks used in this episode are Merry Go Slower (Distressed), Look Busy, Super Circus, Round Drums, Le Grand Chase, Moorland, The Pyre, Kings of Tara, Local Forecast, Hidden Past, and Myst on the Moor by Kevin MacLeod (, licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0. Full transcripts of the show can be found at

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Cast and Crew:

– Dungeon Master:Sarah Wheatley

– Trip: Amanda Joyce

– Babam: Kiara Mueller

– Banjo: Eric Szypulski

– Mawdryn: Adam (guest)

About Us:

The Dice Fiends podcast is a live play Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition podcast featuring a wonderful cast of chuckle-friends. This group of Fiends are composed of an unlikely combination of people brought together by Dungeons and Dragons. We are a collaboration of D&D experts and D&D newbs, but most of all, we’re fiends for the sound of rolling dice.

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