Meet the Fiends

The DM

Eric Szypulski

Pronouns: he/him

Eric has been playing some version of Dungeons and Dragons for the past 7 years, starting with 3.5 and migrating to 5th as soon as it was out. When a Scooby-Doo style one shot spiraled into a D&D group and then a podcast, well that’s a pretty goddamn good feeling.

The Players

Amanda Joyce

Pronouns: she/her

Amanda is a teacher, actor, writer, nerd. She likes working out, playing board games and video games with friends, reading and writing, watching sports and generally trying to relax after her 8 hours of being “on” for her students. If she isn’t doing one of those things, then she is probably with her family, spoiling the little nieces and nephews. You can find her on Instagram @doveuncaged.

Kiara Mueller

Pronouns: she/her

Kiara’s had a love of story and imagination to match for as long as she has known. When a friend pointed her to D&D in high school she found something to take a deep dive into that fulfilled all her desires. Occasionally she can be found playing with her cat Ashley, squealing at puppies on the street or running with horses. Seriously, this girl needs to play a druid. You can find her on Twitter @YaahKi.

Angel Powell

Pronouns: they/them

Angel is an all-around nerd. They love to play PC games, board games, and, of course, D&D. Angel first started playing Dungeons and Dragons in 2017. Hezra’s Hellraisers is their third 5th edition campaign. Angel has two cats: Fitz and Rory both of whom are 3 years old. You can find Angel on Twitter, Instagram, and Twitch @mxpal14din

Dallas Wheatley

Pronouns: They/Fae/e

Dallas is a database technician, actor, singer, D&D newb, and owner of a very special Hellraising rabbit. They likes tea, whiskey, and going to bed early.  Dice Fiends is their first-ever foray into both podcasting and Dungeons and Dragons — in fact, the first season of the show is their first D&D campaign ever (air horns)! You can find them on Twitter and on Instagram @swheatpodcasts